Welcome to Adria Virtual. A modern virtual airline.

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Introducing AV Netbook.

Beautiful Design

Easy to use. AV Netbook dramatically improves experience with our virtual airline. You can book flight, chat with friends/pilots and get many other information.

Up to date

We make sure that our app stays updated. There is no need to redownload an app everytime update is released. App updates automaticly.

Stand alone

AV Netbook is a stand alone application. Just download it and run it.


Join our community and fly for us.

  • More than 400 routes in database. Our database is updated every seasson.

  • Up to date fleet. We bring real to virtual. Our routes use recent real Adria Airways fleet.


Our Latest.

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Real ADRIA Tour 2017


IVAO Slovenia division in cooperation with ADRIA Virtual proudly present new IFR tour "Real Adria Airways Tour 2017". On this tour you will fly like real ADRIA pilots,... with the true ADR callsigns and with realistic procedures & flight plans. All pilots are invited to fly Real ADRIA Tour 2017. Learn more about the Tour HERE.

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IVAO European Tuesday

IVAO Slovenia

IVAO European Tuesday Online Evenings. For that reason Slovenia Division transfered the online evening from Mondays to Tuesdays, starting at 19:00 Local. In December the European online days was evaluated by IVAO. They decided to revert online days back to divisions. Slovenia Division decided to maintain online evenings on Tuesday’s so you are welcome to join us with your arrivals or departures from or to LJLJ on your VFR or IFR flights. Staffed positions are always at least Ljubljana Tower (LJLJ_TWR) and Ljubljana Radar (LJLA_CTR). We will still maintained also a Monday evenings for the purpose of training exercises and individual division events. Welcome to Slovenia!

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AAV article in PC Pilot


In NEW March-April 2017 edition of PC Pilot Virtual Airlines Jessica Bannister-Pearce takes a look at a lesser-known virtual airline: Adria Airways Virtual. Read very interesting article about our VA